• 9125 BC

    Founding of the holy city of Bahb-Elon.

  • 8250 BC

    The Eye of the mountain awakens.

  • Cyclopean Ritual

    An Acolyte blessed with the biomechanic eye of the Seer, shedding his eyes of the flesh.

  • 7235 BC

    The Martian-Atlantean War begins.

  • Beneath a Burning sun

    A shot-down fighter pilot learns of loss, death and incendiary warfare.

  • The Third Eye

    Where a stranded agent of the Soviet Union wanders the wilderness of Mars, gazes upon the holy mountain city of Bahb-Elon and the ever watching eye.

  • Gaze of Leviathan

    The caverns of Mars run deep, and the undying cult has since long awaited human flesh.

  • Celestial Mistress

    A vicious encounter, an undying Lord brought to life. Ancient feuds brooding in the shadows.