• Cyclopean Ritual

    The Eye of the Mountain gives and takes from its followers. A fresh Acolyte is blessed with the holy biomechanic eye of the Seer, sacrificing his eyes of flesh.

  • Beneath a Burning sun

    The War between the Mars-born and the Old Lords of Earth ravages the lands with bloodshed and murder. A shot-down fighter pilot learns of loss, death and incendiary warfare.

  • The Third Eye

    Day One: Nadia, the stranded space agent of the Soviet Union, wanders the red-sanded wilderness of Mars, gazes upon the holy mountain city of Bahb-Elon and the ever watching eye. Deep beneath a city of tombs, an ancient Lord awakens.

  • Gaze of Leviathan

    Day Two:Nadia finds shelter from the sand storms in the ancient tunnels. But the caverns of Mars run deep, and the rotting corpse-droid cult has long awaited human flesh. Their masters are watching from the infernal depths...

  • Celestial Mistress

    Day 9: Nadia ventures deeper into the ruins of the silent city, but all is not dead. The undying Lord has risen from aeons of sleep to the ancient prophecy of a long lost love returning from the stars.